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Our Indola hairdressers show you how to create hot new looks with super smart products and techniques tips. From cool colour tutorials to snappy care and styling videos, getting the look has never been simpler.



It's all about clean lift

Create the perfect true lift to give each look more attitude and a genderless read.

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The perfect strong yet wearable look

Created by working with undercuts soft edges and heavy overhangs.

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Get the Wet Hair Look

Damped; this should come across as effortless without skimping on attitude.

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Create an organic/lived in colour effect

Woven highlighting and copper tones reflect the light and landscape.

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Create a super soft undone haircut

Use invisible internal layering to create a soft movement and tousled affect.

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Lived in Knots

Get Knotted is all about using the hands to create a soft visually pleasing shape with loose twists to the hair.

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Urban Ease Light Blue

Double Tiered Base Line

This hair cut is all about having a broken edge and shaggy look.

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Urban Ease Light Blue

Waving Technique

Create a DIY effect to your creative colours with this simple yet effective waving technique.

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Urban Ease Dark Blue

Strong lines and soft graduation combined with the perfect shaggy fringe

Using zero elevation and a 45 degree angle to create this perfect bob. Using the face to match the perfect fringe.

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Urban Ease Dark Blue

Perfecting full coverage

Layer up #colorblaster for a punched out bold colour.

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Urban Fold Dark Blue

Folding technique for a 90s vibe

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Royal Lux

Strong base lines combinded with a killer fringe

Keep the base line heavy and square for this super chic and high end look. Add a heavy fringe to suit the face shape.

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Royal Lux

Expensive colour choice combined with luxury colour choice

Using PPC and transformer to create the perfect base for your expensive splash of colour.

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Royal Knot

Using the fringe as the focal point, knot the hair to create this undone top knot

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How to Balayage

Niki’s color interpretation 1

How to Balayage?

Classical Balayage: Natural look with a lot of “flavour”.

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How to Color Pop

Coming Soon - Niki’s color interpretation 2

How to Color-Pop Copper

New twist on coppery tones.

How to Pastel

Coming Soon - Niki’s color interpretation 3

How to Pastel Magenta Pink?

Obsession with Pink Blondes.

How to Silver Hair

Coming Soon - Niki’s color interpretation 4

How to achieve 50 shades of grey on hair?

Silver is the new Blonde.

How to Color Consult

Color School Part 1

The Do’s and Don’ts of Colour Consultation?

Everything you need to know to do a detailed colour consultation

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How to use the color transformer

Color School Part 1

How to use the Indola Color Transformer?

Transform permanent into demi-permanent colours – opening a world of service possibilities!

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How to do an all over color

Color School Part 1

How to apply an all-over Color?

The dos and don’ts to achieve the perfect result.

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Metallic Blonde

With shading roots

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Accentuate a short cut with colour


Glam Strobing

Add vibrancy for a natural glam look

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Barber Cut

1.5 fade into a short cropped fringe

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Create the softest diffusion of pastels

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Graphic Bob

With tear drop fringe

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Go shorter

With disconnected edges

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Urban Lob

Evolution of a classic bob

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How-to-Cut internal layers

Cut internal Layers

With a long broken fringe

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How-to-Tight high shine

Tight High Shine

For a tight, smooth finish with silky high shine

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How-to-Textured side-parting

Textured-side Parting

Show off the teardrop front with volume and a textured parting

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How-to-Dry tailored for her

Dry tailored for her

Focus on the tailored cut with a polished, matt finish

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How-to-Grit finish

Grit Finish

Add tousled texture for a grittier feel.

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How-to-Dry Tailored for him

Dry tailored for him

Focus on the tailored cut with a polished, matt finish

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Damped Texture

Add damped texture for a grittier feel.

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Glazed Bob

Add a high glaze finish

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Folded Texture

Give it an edge with an easy folded texture

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How-to-Lived-in Texture

Lived-in Texture

Easy movement with lived-in texture

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Twisted Braids

Add a laidback feel

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Tough Braids

Accessorize intricate braids with rings

Rings and metallic accessories on partial plaits bring a new tough twist to the braid look

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Undone Curls

A new way to modern wild curls

This classical look is re-interpreted to create a wild, modern, undone variation to curls

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Decorated Ponytail

Hair jewellery

Add interest and beautify your ponytail with a textural element worn as a jewellery.

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Graped Ponytail

Edgy evolution

See how to skilfully manipulate elastic bands to create a modern, edgy ponytail

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Bowl Shape

Rough & radical

Give a fresh, tougher look to the bowl cut and make it look messier and cooler than ever

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Coming Soon - Side Braid

by Andy

How to Ombre

Color School Part 1

How to Ombre?

Hints and Tips on achieving the best Ombre results.

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How to do Highlights

Color School Part 1

How to Highlight?

Hints and Tips on achieving the best Highlighting results

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