Street Style Collection 2017

Inspired by authentic, real hair.

Find out about a totally wearable collection inspired by authentic, real hair. Street style now has just as much influence as the classic runway shows.


Active 80's

Oversized activewear with an 80’s spin - that’s what this trend is all about as it celebrates a new generation of athleisure fashion. The same new sporty flavour applies to the updated 80‘s hairstyles where simple tweaks like placement, styling, and contemporary cutting techniques make them look new and fresh. #SimplySmarter!

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Raw Bohemia

Soft rose-print fashion combined with undone hair and edgy make-up creates a sweet but streetwise look. Colour injections with flora printed soft dressing clashing with trims and outsized strap underline a Coachella-like aesthetic and convey girl empowerment. #SimplySmarter

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New Gender

There is no such thing as women’s and men’s wear anymore – the lines are getting blurry.

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Modern Muse

Taking inspirations from the Renaissance this trend embodies opulence with long, puristic flowing dresses.

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Dark Sensuality

Mystical influences come through with long-length apparel made from plush velvets and sumptuous silks reflecting like a carapace.

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Indola Colorist

Based in California, upcoming Instagram star and colourist Niki “@theniksters” breaks boundaries in creativity. Her rising profile has helped grow her team, which also inspires herself.



Indola Stylist

With a childhood spent in his mother’s salon, it was surely no surprise that Mustafa became a leading session stylist currently based in New York. His relentless dedication earned him the “German Hairdresser of the Year” title, three years in a row.



Indola Blogger

“Sometimes I just know a trend is coming - it’s like I can smell it - and I really want to run with it. My Instagram is like my mirror, it’s carefully curated, bound together with threads that flow from one to the other.”