''Hair is the clothing you have to wear every day and you wear it in different ways. I like to shoot people in more candid situations, to get realness in my photos. And people can relate to this realness more than they can to a model in a lookbook."

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Volume Ease-13

Volume Ease

''To survive in the urban jungle you can never go wrong with blue hair, the shine of blue hair makes every photograph stand out.''

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City inspiration

''I moved to Berlin 7 years ago. It’s my base. I’m only there 3 months a year, but it’s my favourite city to live in.''


Street Style

''I prefer to shoot looks which can be adopted and are actually wearable and which don’t have to be expensive.''


Styling Product

''I like Rough-up as it gives short hair a nice texture.''

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Favourite care product

''Cleansing shampoo as its really does the job.''

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My Blog

''I started it in 2010 in Sweden. I wanted to combine my passions: travelling, photography and meeting interesting people.''