"I feel like my understanding of colour and my constant training has helped me develop my international celebrities’ clientele and I am very fortunate to have had the chance to work with style icons, top model agencies as well as to collaborate with inspiring brands such as Louis Vuitton.”

Chelsea Green Salon 

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Favourite #colorblaster

"My favourite #colorblaster is Valencia. But the one that I think I’m going to use the most, which is going to save my life in a lot of ways, is going to be Juno."

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Royal Lux-10

Favourite Look

"Our Royal Lux trend fits into my life better but obviously I have a guilty pleasure of loving the Urban Ease trend. So maybe Urban Ease really from a colour point of view."

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Urban Ease-3

Favorite Colour Technique

"Urban Ease. For me it’s a challenge to pre-bleach hair and get a good base to use a pigmented conditioner, because you have restrictions when you’re not using full colour, but I think we’ve created an amazing result."

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Favourite Styling Product

"Indola style reviver. I can’t live without it."

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#colorblaster Tip

"Definitely make sure that you towel-dry the hair as evenly as possible."

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Key Product for A/W Season 2018

"I would say a really good hairspray, because it just helps protect from that cold air and wind and everything."

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