Color Transformer

Every great superhero has a secret weapon!

Want to provide your clients with “super smart” colour services while offering diverse benefits? We’ve got your secret weapon! With Indola Color Transformer you can fight off those space and budget limitations and spend more time on tackling bigger issues. 


Step 1

Empty the tube of 60ml Indola Permanent color PCC into a mixing bowl.


Step 2

Mix with an equal amount of 4% Cream Developer.


Step 3

Once these are mixed add 30ml of Color Transformer.

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Color Transformer

Let the transformation begin! Indola Color Transformer easily converts our very own Indola PCC permanent colour shades to demi-permanent shades and helps you offer seamless colour results while reducing storage space and costs!

Perfect color match for dual application
Enables the transformation from permanent to demi-permanent
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