SSC Autumn looks 2020

It’s time to say goodbye to long days relaxing in the sun and hello to a new season of sharp fits, high-shine colours, and structured new cuts. But our two looks aren’t all about formality, they’re fun, fearless and, as ever, inspired by the style of the streets. These new season looks to combine the colours of autumn with cool new shapes - they’re more structured than summer’s softness, but still playful and super-flattering. And our panelling colour technique allows you to make your shade shimmer. Fashion is all about borrowed-from-the-boys suit jackets and trousers, worn with a relaxed oversized fit – and fun pops of colour alongside greys and neutrals.


Panelling Look 1

In this look, the panelling technique plays with the natural shades of autumn and adds a touch of toffee and honey shades. And the soft colour palette is headlight with a fringe and face-framing look. The haircut has a strong face frame and disheveled ends with a middle parting and two-tier sectioning to keep a playful silhouette. The hair is worked to create a sleek and polished look, still keeping it fresh and rebellious.

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Panelling Look 2

This look draws its inspiration from autumn and the Panelling technique creates a seamless blend with either complementing or contrasting colours to achieve a shimmering multi-tonal effect. The warm shades create an interesting palette of subtle yet present colour. The architectural inspiration provides a tailored shape and modern cut with suggested shop round edges that keep the colour placement in focus. The styling is sleek and rounded with no visible parting to showcase in full force the colour work at the front.

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