SSC Spring 2021 – Feeling Normcore

Spring is finally back! The sun is shining again, and it feels good. What a perfect time to go outside and show the world your stunning new hair. This season our looks explore the normcore trend, the essential back to basic! Generally associated with the early 2000s where grunge met pop and casual met elegant and the hair became a canvas to express this trend to its fullest.


The High Contrast bob

In this look, we combined a graphic shape that evokes the '90s classic bob with a playful shorter length and a statement fringe to give the look a contemporary touch.

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The Effortless blonde

Inspired by the late '90s series “Beverly Hills 90210”, this effortless blonde look is one that works for every taste. Highlights in the long blonde hair are redefined with a modern silhouette and a classic layered shape.

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The Ash Brown

We reinterpreted the quintessential “chunky highlights” for this look and modernised them with a brand-new ash colour palette. Stay true to the rebel roots of this look with a messy texture and a soft fringe for a modern pretty vibe.

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