SSC Summer looks 2021

The long days of summer bring more light into our lives and also play a big part in our latest street style summer looks – The Tousled Bronde and The Lived in Platinum. They are both inspired by kitsch decor and contemporary icons like Lily Collins and Cajsa Wessberg. Although both looks are essentially classical there is a touch of rebellion in the (h)air with feminine shapes being revamped and the hair colour bringing a balance that displays comfort.


The Tousled Bronde

Inspired by the classic French brown - it's a perfect combination of blonde and brunette with natural looking hazelnut soft warm tones and a cut that has a 70’s vibe.

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The Lived in Platinum

This is a hair colour that makes a statement and the cut was inspired by the colour itself. The texture of the hair is kept super straight without any layers to ensure that the full platinum effect shines through.

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