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Brand Value

At Indola, we are proud to be a professional hair brand inspired by real life and real people. We focus on all the relevant things you need as hairdresser, nothing more—Delivering great performance in a compact and intuitive assortment that enables you to perform more services with less products.​

We dedicate our know-how and creativity to always inspire you with tomorrow´s street style looks, created by our colour experts. Real, authentic, commercial, wearable—our street style DNA appealing to all clients in your salon, from 17 to 70! Our Street Style Collection is released twice a year for more seasonal relevance and complemented by a set of education videos and seminars to introduce you new services.

We translate knowledge into skills and transform our partners into masters of colour. We accompany you offline and online with a holistic training offer to help you grow. We tailor education to your needs, divided into fundamental, creative and inspirational training. Our goal is to be your partner, your solution to challenges and your source of inspiration. We believe education lays the foundation for success— and we are by your side 24/7!

We are at your side to grow your business. Colour is the core of your revenues and that’s why we've created money-making colour services and top-quality materials to enlarge your clientele and to help promote your business. We've developed on-trend gifts with purchase to retain your most valuable clients, cooperated with renowned beauty brands and designed limited edition salon tools to help keep you standing out of the crowd!​

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