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SSC S/S 24

Introducing Creative Confidence. With our latest Spring Summer Collection, we set the stage for a new beauty chapter in 2024. 

Inspired by recent lifestyle changes, we aim to inspire balance, authenticity, and self-care.

With our reliable colour expertise, we invite you to embrace moments of pause and reflection, to rejuvenate your spirit and inspire your soul.  

Each hairstyle is stripped back to its essence and tells a story of resilience, self-discovery and creative expression.

Emerald Texture

Emerald Texture is an invite to find balance between daring and casual, embracing tranquillity thanks to calming green tones.

Neon green and lime yellow weave together on a textured canvas, creating a strong parting: a bold statement for those eager to express themselves with inner confidence this summer. The look pairs well with comfy blue shades in the outfit, adding a touch of serenity.

Smoky Edge

Evoking the aura of a night sky, the Smoky Edge swirls together soft grey and deep charcoal tones. A bold blend of cool dark tones and vibrant ash, for the ones craving transformative change. The sleek bob cut with asymmetrical fringe and reflections offers a moment of quiet contemplation in a world of noise: a tribute to those who dare to express their introspective, confident selves.

Dusk Blonde

The look introduces relaxing blonde tones and tousled waves, embodying gentle masculinity and calm demeanour. A carefree blend of balayage and roots reminds of a rebel and free surfer spirit. Paired with casual, boho-inspired outfit, the style represents the serenity of late summer dusk.

Blueberry Fusion

A rich, brown base layered with intense dark violet and pastel blue highlights displays a symmetric colour dance. The cut, a blend of longer sections and shorter layers unveils a unique persona. Paired with an eclectic outfit, the look revives a sophisticated punk spirit and is a nod to creative confidence and reflective moods

Ruby Flash

Rich in striking red shades, the Ruby Flash emphasises vivid and shiny placements on the top of the head. The smooth and soft cut combines elegance with simplicity. The look is truly tailored for those who illuminate a room when they step into it and, when paired with a rock-chic style, it becomes a captivating blend of boldness and style. 

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