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SSC A/W 23

The journey of colour continues with our latest collection - the Autumn Winter Edition of the Year of Colour.

As we step into the new season, we bring you a fresh take on the Ode to Colour. The vivid hues and bold statements that defined our Spring Summer collection now take on new life, adapting to the cool winds of autumn and the frosty embrace of winter.

With this new approach, we aim to inspire you, providing an array of colourful ideas that can be enjoyed all year round. So come along with us and embrace the Street Style Collection Autumn Winter collection of 2023.


Summer was called Dazzling Expression; Winter is Peach Gradation. She turned from pants to skirt, but she remains the jeans muse. Her hair is the true centerpiece, with apricot hues that symbolize hope and a sense of daring. With her short and enigmatic look, she invites you to join her on this colourful journey and make a statement with your own hair colour and style.


Make a bold statement with The Blue Infinity - a daring hair colour choice that embodies optimism and creativity. This look is the ultimate eye-catcher, and this season's must-have hue. Ditch the old stereotypes of long hair and embrace your individuality with this fearless colour statement.


A Sweet Symphony of Colours. Step into the spotlight with this bold, bright and beautiful look. Inspired by the all-encompassing purple trend, the Candy Edge showcases a mesmerising lavender hue that takes center stage. The digital lavender of the hair reminds also how virtual our planet has become. This look mirrors our society with a subtile classy touch.


The Earthy Texture brings back the rebellious energy of the 90s with its streetwear-inspired style. The wild curls, reminiscent of iconic musicians from that era, are balanced by the harmonious blend of copper and punchy yellow hues. Get ready to rock the grunge look with this hairstyle that infuses an electrifying spirit.

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