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May 2020

BLONDE BEAUTY: Contour Lights

Fun! Vibrant! Bold! Let contour lights do the talking… We know you love to help your clients embrace the latest trends. This Spring, we’re bringing you a retro classic, striking blonde contours, but with a fresh and dramatic twist! A new decade calls for a new look and there’s no better way to start than with a re-work of the face framing highlights of the 90s. These are back with a vengeance and your clients will simply love their versatility and impact! From Ginger Spice to Beyoncé – the secret behind the stripes! From the moment Ginger Spice burst onto the stage, girls have associated her face-framing blonde streaks with effortless confidence and the determination to live life to the full. Now, contours offer a way to reclaim girl power for a new generation. Going for bold streaks of colour sends out a strong message about inner-strength, grit and resilience. Whereas balayage was the hallmark of subtle non-conformance, impactful stripes openly say ‘2020 is mine for the taking.’ No wonder this style is rapidly becoming popular amongst American celebrities who routinely make their own rules, including Beyoncé. Award-winning hairdresser and #indolaselected creative squad member, Lynndy Rolfe (@hairbylynndy), has seen the trend spread from London to top salons worldwide. She recommends Blonde Expert Bleaching Powder to get 8 levels of lift and stunning colour clarity, whilst enforcing hair bond and minimising breakage. The look isn’t limited to blonde highlights either – you can get creative, customising the colour contours to frame clients’ faces who want style that’s perfect for an Insta Summer. Discover the potential of contour lights with Ed(you)cation:

Lynndys' Expert Tip
“ I love spicing up my blondes with rose nuances. Update your techniques with a trending shade and have a whole new take on the traditional highlight service”