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Our new holistic assortment offering professional blonde care allows you to become a full Blonde Expert! The NEW Blonde Expert Care gives all blonde hair types the superior care they deserve with the NEW Hair-Bond technology, now integrated in all formulas*!

Blonde Expert Care optimises your blonde service results by working in perfect harmony with Blonde Expert Color, enabling the ideal at-home blonde care maintenance. For a care-free, expert-looking blonde colour you can enjoy every single day!

*except #InstaCool Spray

The Hair Bond Technology+* 

This technology is part of our Blonde Expert Care regime and features a triple charged ion which builds new bonds by creating a 3-dimensional network inside the hair fiber. These artificially created bonds ensure a stronger, more resilient hair structure and a healthy-looking appearance. 

*not implemented within Insta Cool Spray 

Product recommendation

  • BLONDE EXPERT Lightener
  • BLONDE EXPERT Highlift
  • BLONDE EXPERT Ultra Cool Booster
  • BLONDE EXPERT Ultra Lift Booster